Socket wrenches provide an example of the Adapter.

Advantages and Disadvantages Advantage: Adapter can add functionality to many Adaptees.

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Eventually it creates messy and not scalable application codebase.

The target and the adaptee initially are incompatible in this case so we introduce adapter which is able to.

. One of the popular and often used patterns in object-oriented software. .


. . This pattern allows you to communicate and interact two or more incompatible objects together.

In software engineering, the adapter pattern is a software design pattern (also known as wrapper, an alternative naming shared with the decorator pattern) that allows the interface of an existing class to be used as another interface. Aug 17, 2015 · In doing so, you actually implement the "Adapter" pattern—one of the classic and most popular design patterns.

A socket attaches to a ratchet, provided that the size of the drive is the same.


May 24, 2020 · Disadvantages of class adapters: 1. Design patterns provide a reliable and easy way to follow proven design principles and to write well-structured and maintainable code.

It helps one interface of an object or class to be translated into another interface to make it compatible with the system. .

C1 and C2 implements this interface I1, now for C1 while implementing M1 and M2 you have found no help from other existing classes so you need to write all logic by yourself.
A socket attaches to a ratchet, provided that the size of the drive is the same.

Adapter pattern — simple diagram.

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As you can see it’s tightly coupled with your main code. Definition: The adapter design pattern is the most efficient way to make objects compatible with each other. .

Another common mistake that can occur when using the adapter pattern is violating the Liskov Substitution Principle (LSP), which states that a subclass should be able to. Adapter pattern works as a bridge between two incompatible interfaces. The Adapter pattern essentially converts the interface of one class into another interface that a client expects. Bridge Pattern decouples the interface from the implementation without using inheritance. Adapter Pattern; Sidecar Pattern.

Put simply, the adapter pattern is used to implement a light wrapper around third-party APIs, one that is contextually relevant for your codebase, and can withstand upstream changes or wholesale replacements of the vendor API without impacting the rest of your application.

Like any adapter in the real world it is used to be an interface, a bridge between two obj. With Orange we symbolise all code which is not yours or doesn't match your standards.


Typical drive sizes in the United States are 1/2" and 1/4".

Scott Bain discusses the essential features of the Adapter Pattern.

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