It helps keep the vaginal pH stable, which is crucial for preventing bacterial infections. ₨ 899.


V Wash contains sea.

Add to Wish List. It can prevent oil from being stripped from your. Benefits of VWash Expert Intimate Hygiene Wash: Maintains vagina´s pH level of 3.


Find out about V Wash Plus benefits, side effects, price, dose, how to use V Wash Plus, interactions and contraindications. . Description.

. Maintaining a pH balance of between 3.


In India, the women mostly use sanitary pads or tight clothes which can irritate intimate areas rashes, or infection so much more.

Its unique pH-balanced formula keep you safe from infection, inflammation,. 00.

V wash benefits. .

But the purported claims don’t stop there.
Pre- and Probiotics maintain the intimate microflora and supports the skin barrier function.

Protect your intimate area with daily use of a liquid intimate wash for women – VWash.

Panthenol soothes the skin.

5 level. It acidifies the vaginal pH, thereby supporting the growth of vaginal bacteria while harming the disease-causing germs. .

. Protects the delicate intimate region and maintains a healthy pH 3. Prickly Pear Extract soothes the skin and reduces irritation. . 00. 00.


. May 5, 2023 · A quick look at the best vagina-friendly soaps and cleansers.

Maintaining intimate hygie.


Prickly Pear Extract soothes the skin and reduces irritation.

Benefits Daily V Wash use, helps maintain vaginal freshness and hygiene.

However, if a gynecologist has ordered the V Wash, follow the doctor’s instructions exactly.